MegaDRUM Frontplate Stickers

MegaDRUM Stickers (Side project)
I wanted some nice stickers on my MegaDrum box (It comes without) to make it look better. So I designed a front for the box in Adobe Illustrator.

I am still not 100 precent satisfied with the stickers…yet

  • First i measured the box’s front plate and redraw it in Illustrator.
  • Then I took a digital photo of the box and then cutted out the front panel in photoshop and pasted it in Illustrator into the drawn illustrator frontpanel.
  • Now, I was able to redraw where all holes(LCD, Buttons etc) of the Megadrum should be located gray area as a markers in the front panel. (To be able to cut it out after printing the original)
  • Then I added some nice sticker text to all buttons in the design and printed it out.

I have now continued the project and trimmed the design slightly. Print it on Inkjet Sticker Vinyl Film…Added some “clear” self adhesive sticker above it as protection. I have also made some adjustments to the length of the rotary encoders – cut them by 3 mm, painted all nuts and washers in black color.

I am not totally satisfied yet…stay tuned…updates will follow. I have added a LCD-frame in front of the LCD which made the MegaDRUM look like something available on the market. I found one that work well at Stay tuned photos is coming up!


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