Powerhell Unplugged – McDonalds HQ 2016-12-09

Paradise City – Out 40 Rock Festival 2016

The Trooper – Company of Rock 2016

Highway to Hell Microsoft Techdays 2014

Promotion Video Microsoft Techdays 2014

The Trooper – SEF2014

From the PowerHell Acoustic Live Performance 2014-02-12 at the Enfo 50-years celebration

Long Train Running

Highway to hell

Some collected PowerHell live videos from the Exchange and Sharepoint Forum 2011 event, from M/F Oden Gamle 2012-09-06 and from Microsoft Partner Day 2013.

Highway to hell

Guns & Roses Medley

Rebel Yell

Long Train Running

Hold The Line

Highway to hell [Powershell]

Welcome to the jungle

Fear of the dark