ZourMan (=Swedish translation for “Surgubbe” – angry old man – according to his daughter) got his first drum set 1977 but had been cheating on guitar a couple of years earlier. In his hometown in Avesta in Dalarna…he was involved in a couple of local bands like Blue Star, Stormvarning, TBC, MPSV, Gemene Man, Rogga Rundgång, Rafael Rundgång, Ismet & Kesmet, Biscaya, Fabrica Faca and Broken Stone. Everything from rock (Status Que) to synth. Anders was also a well known mixing & recording engineer helping local bands in Avesta. After leaving Avesta 1987, all the music engagements more or less disappeared…(Besides some short jumpins in coverbands like the AST company cover band, more established bands like 3S and Stig Boogie Band). The dream to play again was kept alive and got stronger after a visit home at Mikael Svennungsson, which kids owned a electronic and Maria Ehrin who saw the light and force him to play at a kick-off with the coverband called 3S. The result became PowerHell! Nowadays Anders also plays with the band Proxy.

Anders influences goes from Toto, Sweet, U2, Police, Sting, The Flower Kings, Hasse Fröberg Musical Companions, Waterboys, Seal, Ultravox, Reeperbahn, Ratata to Lustans Lakejer.

There is a subpage connected to Zourmans webpage with the MegaDRUM Midi-Trigger device DIY project.

Zourman Drums has also become the trade name(formally 42box) for my 2box inventions – a native hi-hat conversion for Roland FD-7,FD-8,FD-9 and VH-11 to be used directly with 2box!

Please visit Http://www.zourman.com


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