Free DRUM VST – Sennheiser DrumMic’a

With the new, free sample library called DrumMic’a!, Sennheiser will allow a direct comparison of different microphone-positions on a complete drum kit.

DrumMic’a! is a virtual instrument for Kontakt 5 Player from Native Instruments, and contains more than 9 GB of data, nearly 13,000 24-bit samples. The software can be run standalone or as a plug-in.

For the production of the library, an acrylic drum set  by Wahan – a drum-manufacturer located in Mainz, Germany –  was selected. Signals were recorded on a SSL 4064 E mixing console. Recordings were  intentionally realized without the use of external effects devices. But there’s an integrated mixer available in DrumMic’a! for post-processing purposes.

DrumMic’a should provide a more natural feeling as close as possible to a human player, depending on velocity and position with up to 25 velocity layers. I have spent a couple of hours installing and testing the Drummica plugin. The download is about 4GB…the NI Kontakt 5 player is included in the package. (The plugin needs to be registrated at Sennheiser to get the activation code – everything is in german…so your school german will be needed or use of the translation functions in your browser) Kontakt 5 has also a service center where you need to be registered with Native Instruments.

After all registrations and downloads…the Kontakt Player can be used standalone and will work as the interface between your sound card, midi device and DrumMica plugin. There are even midi mappings for most known drum devices like td-20, GM Midi etc…and if you have a  sound card with multiple outputs…it is also supported. For my own tests I used VSTHosts to load DrumMic’a as a VST. (Kontakt 5 is a middle layer) and I was through this able to load Addictive DRUMs simultaneously. (You are actually able to mix VST’s)

I played around with the DrumMic’a plugin for while…and i can just say it sounds damn good…the advanced mic selections, mixer, eq, compressor and the included sound presets really sounds great!!! I must say that I am really impressed and knowing that the software is for free, left me with even a bigger smile. Damn good Sennheiser!!

For a free VST library, I don’t think you can find a much better plugin!  Sounds are really good.  The mixer has mic’s for snare, each of the 3 toms, HH and an overhead for cymbals (2 crashes and a china).  Good presets…I like the Metal preset but there are more that sounds very good!

I have for fun used the DrumMica sounds in the 2Box module using the SDSE tool to render the DrumMica VST in 24 bits/25 layers. The sounds with all its layers is very convincing and sounds very good with the 2Box module.

DrumMic’a can be downloaded here: (It is a bit complex registration process in german…but when you get through this…the world of nice drum sounds opens. Seems like Sennheiser knows what they are doing – good samples!

  1. joseph riley hail says:

    Thanks for all of the work .

  2. Larry Negro says:

    I was able to download and install drum mic a but no way to register and get code so you can get out of the demo mode. It looks like Sennheiser blocked the ability to do this as the registration page is covered with a gray blanket. Anyone else experience this? This was as of 11/28/16…..been trying for days


    • angr777 says:

      Did you succeed with this?

      • Ezra says:

        I have been having the same issue. I have everything downloaded and the final step is to get the activation code but the drumica website does not let me log in! It’s somewhat annoying, I have also been trying for a few days.

  3. DAVID says:

    I have registered (guessing the German) and have got my registration code. Just waiting for the download to finish now.

    • DAVID says:

      OK, I have installed it. It comes wrapped in Kontact Player. You use the registration code when you insatll and regidter with Kontact. I will post my progress here. 🙂

  4. DAVID says:

    It works very, very well so far. 🙂

  5. DAVID says:

    Yep, using this all the time now. I love it. Easy to use and lots of variation in drum sounds both presets and custom. And it’s free. 🙂

  6. Kevin says:

    Don’t these clowns have anything not written in German? After figuring out the registration, I get an email I have no cloo what it means, and it gives me a link that comes up 404 😦

    • angr777 says:

      Yes…it is strange…but the reward if successful is a great VST! Try get a grasp of the German…

  7. GonzoBurns says:

    Does the DrumMicA VST has different sounds for Snare center/halfway for positional sensing?

  8. GonzoBurns says:

    Today I installed DrumMicA and took a look myself. There are are 9 Sounds related to snare.
    The manual on page 49 shows the general MIDI Map:
    C#1 Snare sidestick
    D1 Snare hit
    D#1 Snare rimshot
    E1 Snare hit
    G2 Snare flam
    G3 Snare roll
    A3 Snare beachtowel
    B3 Snare without wires
    G5 Count stick

    Click to access DrumMicA_manual_de.pdf

    The notes D1 and E1 sound similar to me, I think there are no separate center and halfway sounds recorded.

    Does anybody know how to tweak one of the snare notes to make them sound like a halfway hit? Can this be done by EQ settings? Has somebody an idear or link in the internet how to do this?

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