Zourman Drums


zd_orange_conceptThe 2box module has become popular among e-drummers, mostly for its real samples and open-source approach with many sample layers. And while the module is compatible with triggers from other manufacturers, users have largely been restricted to 2box’s proprietary hi-hat controller. The first product from Zourman.com(formally called 42Box) will enable 2box owners to use existing non-2box hi-hats – particularly the popular Roland range.

Our hi-hat conversion kits combines the best of both worlds: use the Roland FD-7, FD-8, FD-9 or VH-11, VH-12 and VH-13 hi-hat together with the 2box module. We have also introduced a model with a virtual clutch function where the hi-hat position can be set in advance and be switched on/off if playing with dual kick Drums etc.

Last we recently launched a sampled sound for 2box – a legendary Ludwig Black Beauty snare from the 1920s.

About Zourman.com

We are a small startup company consisting of one e-drum enthusiast (known as ANGR77/Zourman on e-drum forums) and his extremely talented father (electronics designer and inventor) Together we have started to outline the Zourman.com company.(Which was originally called 42Box)

A great review of the Zourman Drums hi-hat kit can found in digitalDrummer May Edition (2016) ! See the whole article on page 36.

Our conversion kits can be found at http://www.zourman.com