Powerhells drummer’s video about the MegaDRUM trigger device have reached 10 000 views!!

Posted: July 4, 2013 by angr777 in Uncategorized

The MegaDRUM MIDI Trigger Device  is a do it yourself drum triggerbox with 56 inputs, superfast ARM processor and have all nice features found in the most expensive e-drum modules on the market to a good price!

It works like the missing link between your e-pads, meshheads, e-cymbals to trigger any virtual drums(VST’a) plug-ins existing on the market.

– It feels fun that my YouTube video have reached 10 000 views – Says Zourman the drummer and e-nerd of Powerhell. I am currently working on a new video where I am going all in on all features found on the ARM based MegaDRUM.

The 10 000 views celebration video can be found at:


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