Powerhell band meeting 28/10

Posted: October 30, 2011 by angr777 in Uncategorized

A very nice evening with all members. Me and Nic Ghode went to Music DLX to get in the right mode before meeting the rest of the band…

At DLX…Ghode went in to the silent rooms with a couple of Fender Guitars…and also had the chance to test a Marshall JVM Top and Fender Twin Reverb amp…and I think this made his day! I had the chance to talk to my old friend, Johan Kullberg, famous drummer in Theiron and the best swedish coverband of Kiss…Kyss.

Meeting the rest of the band at resturant the Saddle And Sabre…

One meal later and 6 beers later…the team ended up at the irish pub, Limerick, for the final run.


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